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We deliver Data Center Safety solutions in a timely, comprehensive and cost efficient manner.

Our Products

Powerpoint Engineering Ltd. has been supplying Electrical Safety related products, services and training to Data Centres throughout Europe and America since 2010. Located in Ireland, our areas of expertise specific for Data Centres include:

Customised Solutions

Customised Solutions
Customised Solutions

With significant in-house technical expertise and experience,  we provide Data Centre operators with customised solutions to meet their specific electrical safety requirements.

Our Customised Solutions suitable for these advanced manufacturing environments include:

  • Design and production of bespoke Electrical Rescue Kits and Lockout Tagout Shadow Boards.
  • Design and production of bespoke Cabinets equipped with appropriate safety products.
  • Tailored Solutions for Lockout Tagout:
    • Customised safety tags and signage with Data Centre logos and safety messages.
    • In-house laser engraved safety padlocks.
    • Customised keying systems & colour coding for your safety padlocks.
  • Design and install of Energy Metering Systems.

Our Services

We provide specialist electrical services, surveys and reports for Data Centre operators.

These services include:

  • Substation Safety Equipment Surveys
  • Thermal Imaging Surveys
  • Lockout Tagout Site Surveys
  • Arc Flash PPE Consultation
  • Partial Discharge Surveys
  • Power Quality Monitoring Reports
  • Energy Monitoring Reports
  • Energy Metering System
  • Cable Fault Location.

All of these services are carried out by our own qualified and experienced team who are industry experts in these specialist areas.

We can deliver appropriate solutions to you in a timely, comprehensive and cost efficient manner.

Our Training

We are the industry leaders in providing a range of specialised training courses suitable for Data Centres.

Using our on-line training platform, we can provide our training courses directly to your Data Centre location, anywhere in Europe and further afield.

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Our Customers

Our Data Centres customers include Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Equinix, Interxion, Digital Realty and many more. We also work directly with the leading Facility Managers, Building and Electrical Contractors who work support and closely the Data Centre owners. These include CBRE, JLL, SISK Group, Collen Construction, H&MV Engineering, Kirby Group, Jones Engineering, Mercury Engineering & Dornan Engineering.

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Collen Construction
H&MV Engineering
Kirby Group
Suir Engineering
Jones Engineering
Mercury Engineering
Dornan Engineering
STS Group

The company ethos is very much dedicated to you,

the customer, and providing you with the best possible products, service, training, advice and support for your Data Centre. We have the best in product together with the best in advice and customer service to meet all your requirements.


The company is committed to quality. We comply with Quality Management Standard ISO 9001:2015. In addition to this, all of our calibrations and high voltage tests are carried out in our in-house Calibration Laboratory and High Voltage Test Bay in accordance with Measurement Management Standard ISO 10012:2013. We are registered as a Level 3 Supplier with Achilles.

All of the products offered and supplied are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards and adhere to internationally recognised standards.

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