Customised Safety Padlocks

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We allow you to customise the design of your safety padlock, including logo and lock name, as well as allowing you to customise the key tags.

Safety Padlocks

Customised Safety Padlocks

Customisation Options

  • Colour of Padlock
  • Height of Padlock Shackle
  • Diameter of Shackle
  • Keying Preference
  • Company Logo
  • Text to be engraved on lock
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Customised Safety Padlocks

Padlock colour choices are as follows: Red, Green, Blue, Black, Yellow, Purple, Orange & Teal.

Customised Safety Padlocks

We provide a range of keying options that comply with best practices in Lockout Tagout Procedure

Customised Safety Padlocks 1

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Our Customised Safety Padlocks & Key Tags will provide you with a straight forward and excellent safety protocols in your Data Centre Environment

Laser Engraving

Our Laser Engraving Service will ensure that you get your safety padlocks in a quick and cost effective manner, our top quality laser engraving system enables us to produce a large quantity of Safety Padlocks in a productive manner.

Colour coding service

It is best practice in Lockout Tagout Protocol to Colour Code your Safety Padlocks for different areas/machines in your Data Centre. We provide a wide range of colours to allow you to carry out this practice.

It is best to use red padlocks on high risk machines, while using the range of other colours on other less high risk machines.

Customised Safety Padlocks

Keying systems

Keyed Different Padlock System (KD)

Keyed Different Locking (KD)
This system sees one key working with one padlock only. Low Level of flexibility but a high level of security and safety.

Keyed Alike Padlock System (KA)

Keyed Alike Locking (KA)
Every Padlock has a key but each key will work on all Padlocks in the system. Low Level of Security with a High Level of Security.

Master Keyed Padlock System (MK)

Master Keyed Locking (MK)
One Key that can open all locks across a system. Mid-Level Flexibility with Mid-Level Security.

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