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Why should I get my Test Instruments Calibrated?

Calibration is the process of comparing a measurement from your test instrument with a known measurement (the standard) from another piece of reference equipment and adjusting the output to agree with the value of the applied standard. The reference…. ….

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Advantages of Thermal Imaging in Preventative Maintenance

Reactive maintenance and repair costs due to equipment failure can be quite aggravating and costly for companies. Thermal imaging can play an important role in enabling maintenance professionals to monitor equipment performance and therefore schedule planned maintenance while also extending the lifespan of essential machinery and equipment…….

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Using Vibration Testing to Avoid Costly Outages

Vibration Testing is the process of collecting data on the vibration levels and frequencies detected from equipment and then using that data to analyse how healthy a machine and its components are. Vibration Testing can help in detecting issues such as imbalance, bearing failures, misalignment, electrical motor faults, gearbox failures, empty space or cavitation in pumps and critical speeds……

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Power Quality Measurements during Data Centre Commissioning

In recent years, there has been an explosion in data centre development in Ireland. Leading the way was Microsoft, which developed a vast data centre at Grange Castle near Clondalkin in 2009.Now nearly all of the big technology companies such as Amazon and Google have a data centre footprint here. There are plans for more Data Centres such as the giant €850 million data centre Apple is planning in Athenry, Co Galway……