Partial Discharge Surveys

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Our Partial Discharge Surveys

We provide a Partial Discharge Testing Service for some of the leading Data Centres. With over 25 years’ experience working on Medium & High Voltage equipment, our Partial Discharge Testing Service combines our expertise with the latest in technology to offer you a quality and unrivalled service.

The majority of failures in High Voltage and Medium Voltage equipment us due to Partial Discharge. PD will always lead to equipment failure making it essential to diagnose the issue as early as possible.

Our survey will not require you to shut off production and is the perfect solution in planning maintenance, repairing of equipment or replacing of equipment.

We will also issue you a in depth PD Test report which will inform you on any issues discovered as well as the solutions we recommend for the issue

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Understanding what a Partial Discharge is

A partial discharge is an discharge of electricity or a spark between a small piece of the insulation between 2 conducting electrodes. Partial Discharge can happen at any place in the insulating system, where strength of the electric field surpasses the breakdown strength of that section of the insulating material.

Types of Emissions from PD

PD Energy Emissions include:

  • Electromagnetic emissions
  • Acoustic emissions
  • Ozone and nitrous oxide gases.

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