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  • Sofamel SGM-50 T10 dielectric gloves

    Sofamel SGM-50 T10 dielectric gloves

    SKU: SGM-50
    Enable wearers to work in total safety without the need for over gloves. Material used allows the gloves much more dexterity despite the gloves being relatively thick. Composite outer layer offers exceptional grip in all weather conditions. Withstand Voltage Maximum of 10000V AC.
  • Sofamel Dielectric Gloves

    Sofamel Dielectric Gloves

    SKU: SG-2*
    Dielectric Gloves complies with the specifications of the European Standard EN 60903. Comply with the International Standard IEC 60903 specifications. Dielectric Glove Classes come in different sizes, categories, lengths and thickness.
  • Sofamel Mechanical Protection Gloves

    Sofamel Mechanical Protection Gloves

    SKU: SG-38
    The Sofamel Mechanical Protection Gloves are  Made from grey or yellow skiver leather which offer protection from mechanical hazards. The gloves are made in accordance with EN 420 and EN 388-2122 Standards.
  • Sofamel Leather Overgloves

    Sofamel Leather Overgloves

    SKU: SG-*
    Wearing these overgloves on top of your Dielectric gloves will help prevent against to risks of electric arcs as well as protecting against mechanical risks. The gloves are made from cowhide and is treated with silicone in order to improve the wordproof levels of the glove.
  • Sofamel SG-37 Fire Resistant Gloves

    Sofamel SG-37 Fire Resistant Gloves

    SKU: SG-37
    The Sofamel SG-37 Fire Resistant Gloves have a high level of fire resistance due to the Nomex fibre they are made from. The gloves are to be worn underneath dielectric gloves in order to protect against electric arcs. The gloves are manufactured by EN 407 standards.
  • Sofamel Plastic Glove Case

    Sofamel Plastic Glove Case

    SKU: SGP
    The Sofamel Plastic Glove Case is a convenient storage solution for your dielectric, mechanical protection and fire resistant gloves, as well as overgloves.

    Sofamel Plastic Glove Case CG-70

    SKU: CG-70
    Made of Polyethylene. Durable and lightweight. UV-Resistant. Convenient ergonomic design, with built in locks and carry handle. Dimensions: 480 x 300 x 70 mm

    Sofamel Plastic Glove Case CG-120

    SKU: CG-120
    Made of tough Polyethylene synthetic plastic. Is durable but light. Shaped in ergonomic way, the case is easy to carry around thanks to built in carry handle. Impact-resistant and UV rays resistant. Dimensions: 480 x 300 x 120 mm
  • Sofamel Metallic Glove Case

    Sofamel Metallic Glove Case

    SKU: SG-35
    The Sofamel Metallic Glove Case is a robust storage solution for the variety of gloves would would need in a Data Centre Environment and comes at a very competitive price.
  • Pnematic_Glove_Tester

    Sofamel Pneumatic Glove Tester

    SKU: SG-117
    The Sofamel Pneumatic Glove Tester is a high quality glove tester used for testing Dielectric Gloves. This ensures the wearer there is no leaks in the glove

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