A Data Centre is a facility that has been dedicated specifically to the storage and operation of a company’s business-critical applications and communications technology infrastructure. Data Centres perform highly complex operations that are dependent upon numerous different components all working together interdependently.

Depending on the size of business operations, a Data Centre might consist of anything from as simple as a rack of computer equipment to an entire room or building containing many cabinets with an assortment of equipment.

Composed of a number of technical elements, a Data Centre will typically house:

It is crucial that both temperature and humidity in a Data Centre are controlled and monitored to ensure accurate performance of the systems within. Data Centres typically contain raised floors, under which cabling ducts run to provide power to the cabinets above. Larger Data Centres can consume as much power as a large town or city.

Companies significant in size usually have multiple Data Centres. This provides flexibility in how data is backed up and also offers protection against natural or man-made disasters such as flooding, storms or fires.

In todays, competitive business environment, many companies require flexible and scalable ways to manage their data with many now choosing to outsource their storage, computer equipment and telecommunications equipment to a third-party Data Centre facility. Full control of the equipment remains with the company but overheads, data protection & security, risk and regulations are the responsibility of the service provider.

Both software and hardware security measures are vital in managing critical resources and ensuring the continuous operations of an organization. Therefore, the reliability, security and continuous evolution of Data Centres are a top priority.

Electrical Safety Solutions for your Data Centre

Data Centres operate in high risk environments, thus, require optimal electrical safety solutions. Powerpoint Engineering play a small but important role both at construction stage and at on-going operational level. We have been supplying quality and innovative Electrical Safety related products, services and training to Data Centre operators in Europe and America since 2010.

Our range of Data Centre equipment includes:

Running a Data Centre requires a lot of planning to ensure everything is set up and runs correctly. Whether you are helping plan a new Data Centre or you want to ensure an existing facility is set up correctly, we can delivering solutions to your Data Centre in a timely, comprehensive and cost efficient manner. Contact us or call +353 (0)57 866 2162 for further information. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have.